Harold, Gabrielle, Isabel and Jennifer Valderas

Santorini Greece - July 2018

My name is Harold M. Valderas from Fort Worth, Texas. I live in Austin Texas with my wife Jennifer and daughters, Gabrielle and Isabel.

I am the oldest son of Judge Harold Luis Valderas from Brooklyn, New York (1923-2007) and Dr. Marisa Valderas from Seville, Spain (born 1945). My brother Sean and sister Beth both live in Fort Worth. Our family name originates from the City of Valderas located in the Leon Province in Northwest Spain (population 2,000). This city of Celtic origin was occupied by the Romans in 29 B.C. The name Valderas is derived from the words "Val de Heras" meaning "Valley of Fields". 

I became interested in genealogy when my first daughter  was born in 1998. My wife Jennifer was creating a baby scrapbook and she asked me to gather some information about our grand parents. From that first basic family tree, I decided to research our family history. I have gathered records of over 500 ancestors dating back hundreds of years. The purpose of this site is to share images, video and historical information with family members around the world. 

Learn about Edmund Van Pelt, the long lost half-brother of Judge Harold L. Valderas.

Click for pictures of my Uncle Ray Valderas who passed away July 16th 2015.